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StressLinux – linux distribution for high-load stress test

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StressLinux, a unique and handy linux distribution that provides a means of performing high load stress testing on systems, has seen a new release.
StressLinux contains a number of applications such as stress, cpuburn, hddtemp, and lm_sensors and is built entirely for the purpose of providing users with a way to test their system(s) entirely on high load and monitor the health.

From the release announcement on the StressLinux website:

This release (0.4.136) is the first one which is available as 32-bit and 64-bit build, contains all official updates from the base distribution and additionally updates the following packages to current versions: stress, nbench, nepim, netperf, lm_sensors, memtest86+ and busybox.

These packages are added to the distribution:
dbench, tiobench, rsync and firmware packages for different kernel drivers. There are some fixes to smartd, hddtemp, ifstatus, environment and useability.

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