By on April 17, 2013

The Growth Hacking Manifesto

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Our very own Montana Flynn has released a new project codenamed the growth hacking manifesto. If you haven’t heard the buzzword yet, you’re probably not living in San Francisco. The project is a compilation of his own notes, experiments, and thoughts on all things user acquisition and retention. If you have a company, product, API, or are remotely interested in tech startups we suggest you take a look.

In the first article, What The FSCK is Growth Hacking?, Montana explains what a growth hacker is and how they change the way we think of user growth. Here’s the TL;DR: A growth hacker is a cross between a developer and marketer.

We hope you enjoy the series, of course if you don’t or think that it’s missing some special sauce please let us know (or you can just yell at @montanaflynn directly on twitter).


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