By on March 1, 2011 rolls out powerful API via Mashape

Today, one of the biggest European e-commerce platform, launches its API through Mashape. We are very excited to be part of this!

I think their API is the first ever that allows any developer in the world to add e-commerce functionalities in a day – yes, in a day. has chosen to create and distribute their API through Mashape, allowing developers to easily create e-commerce applications (web, mobile, desktop) in a couple of hours. Developers can simply let other users login to their application with their PayPal account, and let them put both physical and digital items up for sale within 60 seconds. Developers are also able to earn money with this API because they can charge a fee on every sale that is made through their application – all the boring tasks (payments, paypal integrations, etc) are automatically handled by the API – it has never been so easy.

“Example of use can be found in existing applications – like selling your Flickr pictures with one click or entirely new concepts: take a picture of your product with your iPhone and put them up for sale. There’s also a huge market for digital commodities, think about all the things you can do by putting up e-book, music, software and user-generated content (like 3D printing models and templates designs) up for sale.” says’s CTO, Melvin Tercan.

ReadWriteWeb is also covering the launch here.

Mashape is now a community with thousands of developers. There is no excuse to not have an API nowadays. Thanks to Mashape, you get a powerful API infrastructure and 5 auto-generated client libraries at the speed of light just by using the Mashape Server Library. Moreover, there is a strong community of developers that are actively looking for APIs; they’re just waiting for you.

The new API can be found here API on Mashape API on Mashape