By on November 12, 2015

Trooclick NewsData API : Changing the Way News Professionals Work

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At Trooclick, we’re passionate about the news. That’s why we just launched a groundbreaking new app to make life easier for news and publishing professionals.

In an environment where time is scarce, producing quality news content is no mean feat. Knowing “Who Said What” about big issues is essential, but quotes and details can be difficult to come by. Imagine an app that delivered structured data about a person or issue of your choice, without the arduous task of searching hundreds of sources; Trooclick’s game-changing new API does just that.

Our NewsData API automatically extracts quotes and related details from the text of existing online news, aggregating the information on one page as clear, structured data. The result: an extensive database of “Who Said What”, right at your fingertips.

With the API, our database can be searched by name or issue, producing results that are relevant to you. While the average news article features just 2 opinions, our engine finds an average of 14 different points of view per news story, so you don’t miss a thing. It’s a perfect tool for news and publishing professionals, allowing content to be enriched easily with quotes and details. Not only does it expedite the production process, it leads to better quality articles.

Still not sure how the NewsData API could benefit you? Let’s take a look at an existing use case to show you its potential in real terms.

Here at Trooclick, we produce a daily Election Digest: it’s a summary of the day’s developments on the 2016 Presidential Campaign trail, featuring key quotes and opinions. The NewsData API is invaluable to our production process: the engine automatically identifies relevant news from online content, extracts featured quotes (both direct and indirect), and delivers these to our database as clear structured data. Hence, we can quickly and easily produce our Digest using our ever-expanding bank of quotes and details

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 1.53.29 PM

Like any newsletter, our Election Digest is invaluable to our business – it helps us to build our brand, connect with our followers and reach out to new clients. This is just one example of how the NewsData API could be leveraged to create content people come back for, imagine how it could benefit you.

We are so excited to have launched the Trooclick NewsData API on Mashape. For journalists, producing quality content is not just a job – it’s your brand. Let our NewsData API take care of the quotes, so you can get on with the writing.

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