By on July 22, 2020

Verifone Trusts Kong to Secure and Govern Nearly Half of the World’s Non-Cash Transactions

“The whole world economy depends on us. And now, Kong as well.” 

-Hans Van Leewuen, lead architect at Verifone


Before I met with Verifone’s executive team in London last year, candidly I didn’t know much about the company. But after learning about how the company is a global leader in payments solutions at the point of sale, with over 35 million payment terminals worldwide, now I see their logo everywhere I go! With nearly half of the world’s non-cash transactions completed via Verifone, it’s not surprising that once I learned about them I saw them in almost every transaction I did at banks, stores, restaurants and more. Verifone is arguably the most used service you might not have heard about.

The global architecture team at Verifone made the decision to adopt Kong Enterprise. Verifone needed to evolve to meet demand for ecommerce transactions, and the global architecture team needed infrastructure to govern and securely expose APIs for applications running in a microservices architecture with high reliability. The team chose Kong because of its lightweight API gateway built on a proven tech stack, its focus on microservices and its flexibility to support any deployment model including private cloud and public cloud.

Before Kong, Verifone had a large-scale, complex global payments system of 20 regional systems, each based on a monolithic architecture. The architecture team’s vision was consolidating these into a single global payments system based on a microservices architecture. Verifone has significantly reduced time to market with Kong in place. Whereas each regional payment system was previously managed separately and required its own business logic, now Verifone can govern all regions from a single place. 

By consolidating 20 regional payment systems into a single global system, with all traffic managed and secured by Kong, Verifone has decreased time to market 20X and reduced TCO 75%. Verifone has also saved development teams hundreds of hours per month.

To learn more about Verifone’s story, you can read the full case study here

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