By on April 7, 2014

VerticalResponse Joins Mashape

VerticalResponseIn our fast paced world smart marketers need a tool to quickly create and send professional looking emails.   Mashape is proud to have Vertical Response, a leading email campaign suite, join our community.

VerticalResponse helps you create and send great email campaigns.  It makes contact and list management easy, allowing you to create contacts, group them into meaningful lists, and use these lists to send targeted email campaigns.  The VerticalResponse API lets you interact with the platform the same way the application does.  For example: Create an application to keep the contacts in your CRM in sync with VerticalResponse; create an application to send and track custom emails; connect a custom sign-up form in your website to VerticalResponse to store newly added contacts. The possibilities are truly endless.

Utilizing the principles of HTTP, VerticalResponse has built its new REST API from the ground up.  With its Hypermedia or HATEOAS API, all resources are self-describing thus making the model simple and consistent.  As a developer you do not have to keep track of the different resources or store the URLs for different operations.  You can navigate through the API from any endpoint, just like you would a website.

VerticalResponse is very excited about the possibilities the new API opens up for customers and third party developers.  Let VerticalResponse help you create and send optimized email campaigns.   Give their API a try today!

Here’s an example code snippet:

[snippet id=”1268″]


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