By on September 10, 2013

Want to Tango with Mashape?

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Tango Card

Tango Card is pioneering the next generation of rewards programs in enterprise.  The Rewards as a Service API, or RaaS, is helping companies drive real business results.  With Tango you can easily send and track rewards and gifts to your customers and employees.  Real rewards are a critical part of any business strategy – whether customer loyalty, customer acquisition and retention or employee engagement.

Tango’s API lets you elegantly connect their sophisticated rewards program into your own platform; plus, you can add the option to send rewards directly from within your own app increasing its stickiness.  RaaS is helping companies drive critical business results by delighting customers and employees with real rewards at the right time.

It takes two to Tango, so try their API today.  Your customers will be happy you joined the dance.


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