By on May 12, 2014

Xplenty makes data processing easy through Mashape

XplentyGaining access and interpreting your data can be a challenge.  With Xplenty companies of all sizes have the ability to access their Big Data in a simple to use cloud service.  Xplenty’s solution is a code-free Hadoop as a Service platform that allows you to easily create data workflows, provision, monitor and scale clusters.  Mashape is proud to partner with Xplenty and offer their API to our community.

Xplenty’s data integration harnesses the power of Hadoop to create an easy to use, scalable ETL service that enables you to prepare structured and semi-structured data for analytics.  You can join data from one or more sources, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB, to transform your structured data stored on AWS, Rackspace, Google Cloud, or IBM SoftLayer.  Plus, you can quickly design data flows with a rich set of powerful transformation functions.

The Xplenty API provides control and monitoring functionality of clusters and jobs.  After defining a data processing package, using the Xplenty web application, you can call the API to create Hadoop clusters, run jobs, monitor their progress, or terminate jobs and clusters.

Ultimately, Xplenty features a set of tools that any data professional can use without special training.  It is a complete, cost-effective solution for putting your data into play, from deployment through import, processing, analysis and monitoring. Consume the Xplenty API on Mashape now.

Here’s a sample code snippet:

[snippet id=”1301″]


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