By on June 26, 2013

Check out the winners at #APIHackDay SF 2013!


This past weekend we were at Parisoma for APIHackDay SF 2013.  API HackDay SF brings developers together for an all-day coding fest focused on building apps and mashups with APIs.

At the end of the 8-hour hackathon, about 20 teams presented their apps to evangelists from MasheryOpenTokSendGridTwilioContext.IOBigCommerceMashape, and Apiphany.  There were prize categories from each company, as well as overall top three prizes.

Congratulations to the winners!

The overall top three winners were Smart CRM, Whatsmyride, and  You can also check out the sponsor category winners in Twitter here (Context.IO here). We’d also like to thank, Parisoma and Fabernovel for organizing the hackathon.

Smart CRM

This winning hack from Smart CRM lets you be more productive in managing your incoming (sales) calls by automatically transcribing calls and generating a word cloud tag from the message.  It uses Twilio’s APIs to handle calls and record the voice.  It also uses MyCaption’s Speech Recognition API to transcribe the messages, as well as the Word Cloud API to generate the word cloud tags.  Watch the video above to check out the demo.

The team was composed of , , , and Chen Liang.  Congratulations!

What’s My Ride

What’s My Ride

The 2nd runner-up went to Whatsmyride that uses the Edmunds API to determine the car that matches your personality.  It does this by presenting you with inquiries that are accessible to just about anyone (e.g. Would you rather watch Into the Wild or Skyfall?), which helps open up the market for potential car buyers. is a cool hack of the Snapchat API that turns snapchats into a themed-contest.  In their own words: “Snapchat is the fastest growing image sharing platform, yet there is no official API.  So, we made our own and hacked together a social image sharing contest for people to snap pics relating to the theme of the day. Users can upvote, downvote, and comment on other submissions for each day’s contest.  We sent over 8,000 snaps since the start of the hackathon We downloaded all of the responses and turned this into a contest!”  That’s cool.

You can check out all the hacks from APIHackDay at Hackerleague here. Till the next APIHackDay!