By on April 21, 2014

Wavecell SMS Calls through Mashape

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WavecellWavecell provides mobile messaging services for enterprises, application developers, mobile carriers and aggregators.  Through their platform Mashape users can send SMS worldwide using a simple, fast, and reliable HTTP API.

The Wavecell API is designed for sending SMS–MT messages, as well as receiving SMS-MO and delivery reports.  You can deliver and monitor push notifications to mobile apps, and utilize direct local connectivity and international routing.  Additionally, you can customize your dynamic Sender IDs, build person-to-person and chat messaging services, and interact or collect data from mobile subscribers.

The Wavecell platform is a state-of-the-art carrier grade cloud infrastructure; which enables telecoms, service providers, advertisers, and brands to optimize their messaging in a cost efficient manner.  Their service is scalable and reliable, plus, you’ll get robust analytics, reporting and dedicated support.

As a full featured messaging service you’ll have access to over 700 global carriers and more than 200 countries.   We’re excited to have Wavecell join our community – Give them a try today!

Here’s a sample code snippet:

[snippet id=”1294″]


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