Federated API Management for Agile, Secure, Future-Ready APIs

Event Ended
February 13, 2024

Transform your API strategy with a federated approach, ensuring speed, security, and resilience for your organization's digital future.

Organizations have different API platform deployment models to choose from as they try to gain a competitive advantage by building more APIs faster and with greater security. In this webinar, we will compare the differences between centralized, siloed, and federated API management models — and dive into why federated API management is the key to striking a balance between agility and governance.

In this webinar, Kong Senior Solutions Engineer Andy Andrew Klitovchenko and Kong Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager Gaby Beitler compare the differences between API management models.

Key Takeaways

  • Get a clear understanding of the pros and cons of each model and which option might be right for your organization
  • Understand the role a federated API management model plays in raising an organization’s engineering standards to build higher-quality APIs
  • How Kong provides the required components to implement federated API management models
Presented By
Andy Klitovchenko
Senior Solutions Engineer, Kong
Gaby Beitler
Senior Technical PMM, Kong