Kong Mesh

Universal service mesh for enterprise organizations focused on simplicity, security and scalability with Kuma and Envoy

A successful transition to microservices requires that connections between all services are reliable, secure, and observable. To address these connectivity challenges, leading organizations are looking to service mesh as a solution.

Ensure Connectivity and Discovery

Reliably route traffic to meet SLAs. Use Envoy-based network policies to consistently control traffic and auto-scale with demand.

Achieve Zero-Trust Security

Restrict access and only complete transactions when identity is verified. Apply mTLS out of the box to reduce the risk of breaches.

Gain Global Traffic Observability

Capture telemetry for every transaction to fully understand service behavior. Inject tracing into each service to reduce resolution time.

Customer Voice

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Customer Voice

“Kuma reduces complexity and accelerates service reliability with an Envoy-based Service Mesh.”

Luca Maraschi,
Chief Architect, Telus Digital

Unique connectivity made easy

Start, Secure and Scale with Ease

Deploy a turnkey service mesh with a single command. Group services by attributes to efficiently apply policies. Manage multiple service meshes as tenants of a single control plane to provide scale and reduce OpEx.

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Run Anywhere

Deploy the service mesh across any environment, including multi-cluster, multi-cloud and multi-platform. Manage service meshes natively in Kubernetes using CRDs, or start with a service mesh in VM environments and migrate to Kubernetes at your own pace.

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Connect Services End-to-end

Integrate into the Kong Enterprise platform for full stack connectivity including Ingress and Egress traffic for your service mesh. Expose mesh services for internal or external consumption and manage the full-lifecycle of APIs.

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Key Benefits

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Increase Developer Productivity

Instantly add out-of-box policies that eliminate the need to build network functionality into each service

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Maximize Resource Efficiency

Eliminate need for a centralized load balancer to use system resources as efficiently as possible

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Inject Compliance at The Runtime

Ensure appropriate connectivity and data privacy for every single API, microservice and database transaction

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Accelerate Security Responses

Enable platform teams to rapidly deploy security patches across all networks without interrupting developer workflows

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Deploy with Zero Downtime

Improve release management with built in versioning, feature flagging, canary and blue / green deployments

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Scale Developer Efficiency

Increase reuse and eliminate silos by using Kong Gateway to expose Kong Mesh services for consumption

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