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The shift to microservices is accelerating; according to IDC, “by 2022, 90% of all apps will feature microservices architectures.” 1 With this increase in complexity comes new challenges in ensuring standardization, reducing deployment risk and maintaining efficiency across development teams. To increase development velocity, organizations today must provide developers with robust tools to enable streamlined design and testing of APIs regardless of the underlying platform, protocol or deployment type.

Insomnia API testing tool provides a design and test environment that integrates natively with Kong Enterprise. Use Insomnia to streamline design and test workflows for REST and GraphQL services. Boost developer efficiency with dedicated workspaces and easy import/export of test data. Standardize processes across teams by defining custom tags and environment variables.  

1 IDC FutureScape, 2018



Automate testing of spec files for error using OAPI Linting. Auto-generate code snippets in 12 languages. Integrate into CI/CD workflows with Git Sync.



Create mock endpoints to simulate production with Insomnia’s Mockbin integration. Chain Requests to test service interactions across complex use cases. 



Ensure your services work with popular authentication methods, including OAuth. Build plugins to script and automate testing for complex workflows.

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