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How a Gateway and Mesh Can Assist With Application Modernization and Cloud-Agnostic Workload Portability

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Learn how an API gateway can enhance security, improve developer productivity, and maintain architectural freedom at any stage of your cloud migration journey.

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    About this Webinar

    As organizations move from monolith to microservices, on-premise to cloud, both API gateway and service mesh technologies play an important role as you modernize your applications. Often organizations begin with a gateway, but face new challenges when integrating cloud-native and legacy workloads.

    In this webinar, Kong Senior Solutions Engineers Simon Green and Adam Bauman discuss how each technology can aid cloud migration – and the importance of fostering a culture of cloud-native adoption within an organization.

    Key Takeaways

    • Understand the different maturity levels behind application modernization, including what tools are useful at each stage
    • How cloud native patterns can be applied to facilitate security, observability, and governance
    • What challenges to anticipate when shifting to an API-first and a Service-Oriented approach
    • The importance of architectural freedom, including using declarative configuration to be cloud-agnostic

    Presented By

    Simon Green

    Simon Green

    Senior Solutions Engineer, Kong

    Adam Bauman

    Adam Bauman

    Senior Solutions Engineer, Kong

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    June 20, 2023 8:00 AM (PT) Register Now