Secure and Manage Serverless Functions with Kong

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Learn how to tackle the challenges in implementing serverless functions by using microservices, APIs, and Kong. 

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    About this Webinar

    What’s not to like about zero administration, per-request pricing, extreme performance and elastic scaling? These are the lofty promises of serverless computing (aka Function-as-a-Service or FaaS). As standalone technology, serverless has advantages in specific situations—but it also opens new security and manageability challenges you’ll need to address.

    In “Secure and Manage Serverless Functions with Kong” we tackle the challenges of implementing serverless computing. Kong’s Aaron Miller and Cooper Marcus guide you through the steps to access serverless functions through a Kong API gateway—not just from one cloud provider, but from any cloud provider.

    Along the way you’ll experience the performance, security and flexibility that comes from embracing a modern microservice architecture, APIs, and Kong.

    Our demonstration features AWS Lambda and Google Cloud Functions. Kong also supports serverless functions with IBM OpenWhisk.

    Presented By

    Aaron Miller

    Aaron Miller

    Senior Solutions Engineer, Kong Inc.

    Cooper Marcus

    Cooper Marcus

    Principal Product Manager, Kong Inc.