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Google Cloud Marketplace

Kong is proud to offer Kong Enterprise, the end-to-end service control platform, on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

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Organizations are attempting to modernize by embracing decentralized architectures, automating workflows and adopting CI/CD practices. Kong’s service control platform is designed to optimize today’s application modernization needs through intelligent automation across the full lifecycle of APIs and services.

Kong’s plugin architecture and open source core make the platform extensible for any use case. Kong accelerates moving mission-critical services to the Google Cloud by reducing disruption to the business during and after migration.


Performance at Scale

Kong provides the industry’s lowest latency and highest scalability to ensure your services always perform at their best. Kong’s lightweight core is built for the cloud-native world allowing you to optimize performance.

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Flexible and Extensible

Kong’s active open source core is developed by a global community of developers focused on the next era of API management. Kong’s plug-in architecture makes it easy for organizations to take advantage of plug-ins sourced from the community, third-party providers, and from Kong’s Enterprise team.

Move to Cloud with a Hybrid Google Cloud Solution

Kong supports hybrid use cases for customers who want to move mission-critical services to the Google Cloud but still need to connect with other services remaining in on-premise systems due to business requirements.

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