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API Launchpad companies at #APIWorld13

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At API Launchpad yesterday in APIWorld, 6 companies launched their new APIs.  Check them out below (and links to their presentation slides too!):


Drillster provides an online memorization platform.

By using a scientifically proven algorithm, Drillster allows users to memorize learning material quicker and more easily. Moreover, Drillster accurately predicts for each individual user when the proficiency has dropped below a pre-set level, triggering users to brush up. Its core functionality is easily integrated into learning management systems, but can be used as a standalone product as well. [Slides]


If you like to cook, you probably get many recipes from the Web. But how do you find the really good ones? And what if Google doesn’t care about your lactose intolerance? Once you have found a recipe, you often have to do the math if you want to scale it to feed an entire party or if you’re not used to the metric system. The WebKnox Recipe API serves delicious data and helps to solve all these problems.

WebKnox’s mission is to provide precise answers to natural language questions of all sorts. To achieve this goal, WebKnox developed many natural language processors, such as Part-of-Speech taggers, sentiment detectors, language detectors, location extractors, and Named Entity recognizers. All our data mining, extraction, and machine learning capabilities are offered through our APIs. [Slides]


Gandalf allows you to build dynamic documents in seconds. We call these dynamic documents wizards. Use our api to create a wizard and publish them on or you could embed a wizard on your own website. Users can answer questions and download a fully customised document built using the answers to those questions. [Slides]


BipIO lets regular people visually paint and automate their cloud based workflows, prototype apps and curate/monetize digital assets in a matter of seconds. He’ll be describing some of the architectural challenges and decisions around building an open API integration platform, and how providers can leverage the organic expertise of a wider community to help people in ways that matter.


Subledger is an API for in-application accounting.

Subledger enables your application to:

  • keep an account for each of your customers’ transaction history
  • track profitability and financial ratios in realtime

Combine Subledger with a payment API and your application can track money like a bank! is the much-needed disruption of the cluttered CMS world.

Another good reason to be excited: was made by exactly the same people who created the Play framework.


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