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Blogs that we read at Mashape

Offline reading other than blogs: The Lean Startup, The Entrepreneur's Guide to Customer Development, Game storming

These are some highly recommended books for startups
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Hi there!

I have compiled a list of blogs which Mashapers read regularly. Apart from Hacker News which has become my daily drug, we go through every blog mentioned below at least once a week 🙂

Hacker News
Hacker News was created by the Y-Combinator team, and acts more like a moderated hacker voice. It has become my daily morning read, and first source of information to discover what’s happening out there.

Founded by Michael Arrington in 2005, TechCrunch has quickly become the standard for tech startups news. They have a huge network and tend to report on many exclusive news, such as acquisitions, funding rounds, or even deadpools. They are also co-organizers of one of the biggest startups event/competition around the world, the TechCrunch50.

This is the blog belonging to Fred Wilson, managing partner at Union Square Ventures (a top-tier early stage Venture Capital firm based in NYC). Fred posts many insightful essays and comments about the startup world which are insanely useful and smart.

Master of 500 hats
Dave McClure is the owner of this blog. Dave is an active entrepreneur, angel investor, and works at the Founders Fund. On a monthly basis, Dave presents great suggestions on how to present your startup, or common mistakes committed by founders. He also shares his wonderful slide decks on slideshare.

Both sides of the table
This is the blog of Mark Suster, a successful entrepreneur and now VC at GRP Partners. He blogs about raising venture capital, sales and marketing.

The Official Google Blog
Because we are huge fans of Google 🙂

Google Open Source Blog
Since most of the tools that we use at Mashape are open source, we are huge proponents of the open sourced community.

Fail Blog
Whenever we need a laugh or just to relax when we’re out of bandwidth, Fail Blog never fails to relieve the pressure 😀

Paul Buchheit
Paul was employee #23 at Google, founder of Gmail and FriendFeed (acquired by Facebook), and an angel investor. His blog is fairly technical and has a strong focus on product development.

Jeremy Zawodny’s blog
Jeremy helped launched the Yahoo Developer Network, and is now working at Craigslist. He has strong technical expertise, and blogs about a broad range of topics from MySQL to making great pasta and flying into the desert. We love adventure! 😉

Steve Blank
Steve is a serial entrepreneur who has seen the growth of Silicon Valley. He authored “The Four Steps to the Epiphany”, a famous “textbook” for every entrepreneur. He is best known for preaching about Customer Development, and his blog provides tons of suggestions for the startup community.

Blog Maverick
This blog is owned by Mark Cuban, billionaire founder of Broadcast (acquired by Yahoo), angel investor, and owner of NBA Dallas Mavericks basketball team. Mark is a veteran in the tech industry, and in this blog, he writes about sports, technology, politics, and many life lessons.

Finally, for financial and legal knowledge, we rely heavily on Finance4Founders and Startup Company Lawyer.