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Document and Data Merge Solution, WebMerge, Joins Mashape

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WebmergeSo you’ve just finished writing your document, but you need to add supporting data.  Use WebMerge.  The newest API to join Mashape is an amazing tool that lets you easily combine documentation and data sets, and share the customized document internally or with 3rd party users.

WebMerge will become an invaluable tool for your team to manage and create new documents, and perform merges.  Also, with customizable account settings, users can restrict permission to selected documents.

The WebMerge REST API allows 3rd party applications to pull and integrate document and data routing information into their system; then send data to each document via webhooks using a unique URL.

Once implemented you simply setup a template using a fillable PDF, Microsoft Word document, or use WebMerge’s online editor.  Next, generate a customized document with data from a trusted 3rd party or upload your own content.  Each customized document can be shared via email or sent to a cloud storage service; additionally, you can use a webhook to send the document to another API or applicable service.

Also, the WebMerge API allows you to use one feed and push data to different documents based on predefined values.  As an example one form can be used for multiple solutions, such as lead generation, where different user answers prompt specific PDF formatted responses.  Ultimately, you can map a user’s document fields to the data in your application, and then automatically merge the document for them.

Mashape is thrilled to have WebMerge join our community, and we think you’ll appreciate their solution as well.

Here’s an example code snippet:

[snippet id=”1240″]


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