By on August 25, 2014

Image recognition made easy with Catchoom API

Catchoom APIThe API from award-winning image and object recognition provider, Catchoom, is now available on Mashape. Their solution, CraftAR, is the ultimate Augmented Reality toolbox; which helps businesses and brands create augmented reality content. The Catchoom solution is perfect if you’re working within gaming, advertising, marketing, publishing, and e-commerce markets. The benefits of Image Recognition stem from the fact that a mobile user is at least 40x more likely to interact with an interactive ad containing an image than with a traditional ad.

Catchoom’s CraftAR enables companies of all sizes, from small startups to large scale enterprises, to build high performance platforms and apps that leverage image recognition. Ultimately image recognition leads to increased revenues, amplified brand awareness, improved user experiences, and connected physical objects with digital content.

The Catchoom Image Recognition API allows you to integrate their cloud solution into your applications and services. Users can scan thousands of objects with your app, while the RESTful API performs visual recognition against one of your referenced images by sending HTTP requests. The results are returned in JSON format. Catchoom also provides mobile SDKs for iOS and Android that provide easy integration within apps and sample mobile app code in Github.

Catchoom is easy to use. Simply upload images of the objects that you want interactive when scanned by users. Next, create the content experience in just a few clicks with their drag and drop tool. You can use off the shelf content like videos or buttons, or you can provide a custom solution. Also, at anytime, you can modify content with no need to re-submit your app to its applicable marketplace.

Catchoom makes AR creation and image recognition easy for everyone. Try the Catchoom API for your coupon, video, or product ratings app now!

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