By on August 11, 2015

Kong 0.4.2 released

The latest update of Kong (0.4.2) ships with some bugfixes and improvements, including:


  • Support for Cassandra authentication.
  • Support for “Resource Owner Credentials Grant” OAuth 2.0 flow.
  • “preserve_host” flag on APIs to preserve the Host header when a request is proxied.
  • Better support for multi-node Cassandra clusters.
  • And more.

To update to the latest version, simply follow the installation instructions.

Roadmap to 0.5.0

As announced in the previous newsletter, we are working hard to ship 0.5.0 with advanced new plugins and improvements. Feel free to contribute by opening issues/pull requests on our Github repository, or chatting with us on Gitter.

Curious about the new version?