By on February 19, 2010

Living on the Edge – Mashaper recount

Hi guys,

it passed almost a month since we moved from a garage in Milan (Italy) to San Francisco (USA). Moving all the Mashapers (3) in Silicon Valley was for sure the right decision for Mashape. Here you can find a magic atmosphere and a powerful ecosystem that may help your startup in different ways. But the real thing is that you should fight everyday with a crazy low budget. Unless you got funding or you are rich, you are running out of money every hours; in fact I was an happy users until they are now remind me every week something like: Low Balance, Lower Balance, Even Lower Balance…(it’s attached on my company bank account) even worse 😉

Coming in US has increased our expenses up to 5X, just because we don’t have an house here and we have to rent it, just because the life in SF is too expensive for young founders that have more passion than money. However if you really want to make things happen, don’t care about your money care about your startup. Actually we have no idea on how far we can go, and we really don’t care even if my Mint is remind me that I can’t go through any longer!

We left our country to pursue Mashape and even if one day we’ll have no money, we’ll be happy anyway; just because we are simply making the best and funniest work on the Planet, INVENTING and CREATING, INVENTING and CREATING!

See you!

a mashaper


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