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Manage your contracts with Contract Live API on Mashape

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Contract LiveNobody likes to track down the latest version of a contract, hassle with track changes and negotiations, or sign duplicate paper copies.  Contract Live is the first contract-management platform for companies to manage all steps from initiation to contract execution on the cloud.

With Contract Live your team receives email and text message alerts for deadlines, summary sheets, and an online library with all your contracts.  The platform combines a simple, secured web mail interface with advanced features that help manage all your contracts, such as suppliers, clients, HR, and partnerships.  Most importantly, Contract Live assists throughout all stages of documentation, like creation, negotiation, signing, and management in one safe place.

The Contract Live API enables you to create a contract from scratch or import a template of your own, add attachments, and incorporate negotiations directly onto a contract.  You can import a Word document or PDF to create your contract templates.  The receiving party will be invited to view the contract, which is hosted on Contract Live’s platform; additionally, all negotiations and binding signatures are all handled within their product.

With the automated templates, you can create hundreds of personalized contracts and share them with your colleagues or third parties.  Additionally, you can manage an unlimited number of contracts, signatures and attachments.

As a member of Mashape’s community you can try their API for free.  With over 3,000 customers using their product, Contract Live is quickly becoming the cloud contract management solution.  Companies of all sizes, from boutiques to organizations within the banking and insurance industries, can benefit from Contract Live.

Mashape is pleased to have Contract Live join our community.   For all your contract needs, incorporate the Contract Live API into your application today!

Here’s an example Curl code snippet, Post Create Negotiation Attachment:

[snippet id=”1312″]

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