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Slice API: Connecting your users with their purchases

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The Slice API provides developers with item-level purchase history for their opted-in users, enabling enhanced and personalized experiences with online shopping data from more than 500,000 merchants. Once a user has opted into our service, we draw primarily on the purchases contained in their email inboxes, and provide extremely high-accuracy data on spending habits, which merchants a user tends to buy from, how much a user spends on different types of products, and so on, as well as up-to-date information on the status of any shipments that a user has in flight.

We power apps that deal with all aspects of the post-purchase experience, enabling our developers to connect with their users’ purchases. We’ve worked with startups like Gone and Trov that help you manage things you already own, as well as personal-finance and online banking applications that want to provide a deeper level of insight than just credit card transaction history. Since we also provide automatic shipment tracking, we’ve been able to power several shipment-related apps as well, such as our integration with IFTTT.


Figure 1 – Citiscape app concept, matching Slice item-level data with bank transaction data.

How did we get into the API business?

Some of you may know us from our popular mobile apps that provide shipment tracking and spending analytics, based on analyzing our users’ email inboxes. As our consumer apps were gaining traction in the early part of this decade, we noticed an increasing number of companies building experiences directly around their users’ purchase histories. Several of these companies approached us to ask about using our data in their products, so we built out our public API in close partnerships with two of them: a large, public e-commerce site; and an early-stage product-recommendation startup.

Since then, we launched the API in late 2014 and have done public integrations with a number of companies both large and small, and we have even more in the works! Coming to the API business as an established company with a very creative consumer-products team already in place, we’ve been amazed at the creativity and diversity of use cases we’ve seen people come up with. Beyond the cases already mentioned, we’ve seen our data used to augment online dating algorithms, to reduce the number of calls to customer support centers, and so many other interesting ideas that we never would have thought of – or been able to build – by ourselves.

We’re just getting started

We are convinced that there are many more uses for this data, yet to be developed, and in partnering with Mashape we want to make it easier to develop new applications. You can find the Slice API here.  Our next post, in a few days, will explore some possible uses that we think would be cool, and that we wish somebody would build. Our hope is that that will get your creative juices flowing with some ideas, and maybe you’ll come up with something altogether new.

If you think you have an interesting idea for this data, we want to hear from you! Please reach out at or @SliceDev.


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