By on January 14, 2014

Vufind Predictive Intelligence Solution Joins Mashape

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We’re excited to have Vufind, a social and visual intelligence utility for maximizing marketing and ecommerce conversion, join our community.

Vufind is a mobile personalization and predictive intelligence solution based on their Interest Graph (vuGraph); which analyzes and aggregates a user’s opted-in social activities, including visual analytics on photos and videos, to compute the richest persona profile for each user that reflects true intent.

The platform’s visual analytics engine is not domain-constrained, meaning Vufind’s solution can focus on any object from any genre, natural or man-made, and deformable (food) or non-deformable (logo, purse, long dress, high-heels, dining room, Disney Castle, Golden Gate Bridge, etc.)  It can also capture higher-level concepts such as “modern décor” or “outdoors.”  The Vufind engine is configurable to show only tags when classifier confidence is very high; therefore, mitigate false-positive rates, or be aggressive and show as many tags as possible even when the classifier confidence is low.

Vufind’s API enables the relevance revolution and serves the intersection of personalized commerce, behavioral and contextual ad targeting, and image-based contextual commerce.  etailers and app publishers with social login and media-rich content use the Vufind API to power combined behavioral and contextual relevance to boost engagement, conversion, and monetization.

You can consume Vufind’s API endpoint in any programming language (made even easier by our Unirest HTTP client) or with curl as in this example:

[snippet id=”1206″]


Give Vufind a try today!

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