By on January 22, 2015

Want Mashape to speak or sponsor your event? Here’s how!

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At Mashape, we are always looking for the best conferences where we can share our knowledge and expertise with our fellow developers. Sharing is part of our DNA! We are also huge fans of hackathons, user group meetups, and camp-style events. We are here in the community, and we like to be part of the success of different events by finding creative ways to sponsor them.

Of course, we can’t participate in all tech-related events, but if your primary audience is developers, and you are looking for experienced speakers for non-product pitch talks, let us know! You can expect presentations about the API economy, open source projects like or Guardian.js, API first, or designing successful APIs overnight. Topics range from beginner level to in-depth ones for experts. While we live and breath APIs, we are also a bunch of geeks who like to share our passion for different technology, so don’t restrict your requests to the previous topics.

To bring Mashape on board, we have a simple form you need to fill out. Our evangelist team will review the requests on a weekly basis. The more information you provide, the better your chances of having us on board to support your event. Here are some tips you need to consider while filling the form: we are mainly targeting events for developers – Mashape is all about developers! We value events that have a code of conduct. We don’t sponsor events that we can’t be a part of since we need a Mashaper to be there. Our preferred way, to have a real impact for your event, is to speak, or to be an API sponsor for your hackathon. Keep these small tips in mind when filling the form.

Who wouldn’t like to have an Ape as part of their event?

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